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mymosaicTM is incredibly easy to use – select a photo you want to make into a mosaic, customize the mosaic settings, select the albums you want to make the image, tap "make mosaic", and you're all done!

  • Make REAL photomosaic art! No lame transparency cheats.

  • Choose individual albums to compose the mosaic.

  • 99¢ app is as powerful as pro-grade software that costs up to 100 times more!

  • Save your art in printable files up to 30"x30" for a true, poster-size print!

  • Share on facebook, twitter, flickr, and tumblr

ONLY 99¢

Save and print your mosaics as a thoughtful poster-size gift!


  • If you are running iOS 5.1.1 or under you MUST allow the app to access your location when prompted. Otherwise, it won't have access to your photo albums (it's an Apple thing).

  • The more photos you have the better the mosaic!

  • Setting Number of Tiles to max gives you the most detailed image, but also takes longer to process.

  • Use "Color Shift" as a cheat to colorize the tiles if you want a more accurate image.

  • Variety determines how many different photo tiles are used to match a color.

    • Setting it to 0 will use the same photo for a particular color.

    • Setting it to max will try to use different photos for a particular color.

  • Consolidate Tiles combines the same side-by-side tile photos into one larger version.

    • Set Variety to 0 and Consolidate Tiles to max to create some really wild collage art!

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